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We set up and manage advertising campaigns in social networks, optimize costs. We help you find the best advertising links
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150+Успешно выполненных проектов
280%Average ROI per month
3 yearsWe manage one project on average

what are we doing

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We create high CTR creatives
In order for advertising to reach as many people as possible for less money and win the auction, we create high-quality creatives with high click-through rates and conversions.
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Setting up and launching ads
We close the full cycle of preparing the account for the launch of advertising. We give recommendations on how to improve the pages before starting work. We launch ads in a timely manner.
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We create a trade offer
The first thing advertising begins with is a unique selling proposition. We help to qualitatively pack your offer into a digital wrapper.
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We optimize the cost of applications
We constantly monitor the quality of advertising and its payback. That is why we are working on cost optimization. To do this, we change creatives and strategies.
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We increase the number of clients
We attract the planned number of customers according to pre-approved indicators of quantity and cost.
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Building a traffic strategy
Building a predictable and effective traffic system for systematic marketing. We help to find new sources of sales, test hypotheses and optimize to the required indicators.


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FIRUSAS Online store for designer clothes
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Security and safety Private security company
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ION SOLAR Design and installation of solar stations
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G-Tuning car tuning salon
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work stages

01AnalysisWe carry out a split analysis of competitors' traffic, study their offers in order to determine your strengths. We research the target audience, their interests, pains and triggers for buying.
02StrategyWe collect and segment audiences, create retargeting lists. We determine where and how we will show ads. We develop design concepts for future advertising.
03LaunchWe create content and visual images for advertising. We define a launch strategy for different audience segments. Calculate target bids and advertising metrics.
04OptimizationWe test different options for interacting with customers, connect optimization services and implement hypotheses, look for the most effective solutions to improve performance.
05ScalingIf it is necessary to increase the flow of customers, we are looking for new business opportunities. Testing new traffic channels and approaches.
06ReportingWe provide transparent reporting for each project, without confusing incomprehensible terms.

Working with an agency is more effective than working with freelancers

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/1Result OrientedWhen working on projects, we always focus on the end result, that is, sales or orders.
/2Experience in different nichesWe have experience in completely different niches: beauty, medicine, e-commerce, energy, tourism, car services, car dealerships, construction and many others.
/3Broad competenciesWe are a team of specialists, therefore we are able to provide qualified assistance, both in development and advertising, as well as in design and strategic planning.
/4ResponsibilityWe take responsibility for our work by providing transparent work reporting and technical usage documentation.
/5A complex approachDue to a wide range of specialists in our team, we successfully provide comprehensive support, quickly responding to market changes and introducing new solutions.
/6Individual solutionsIf you are a happy owner of a unique idea and standard solutions do not suit you, we will be happy to help you create a unique solution to your problem, whether it is a service story, MVP, or a new product format.

targeted advertising team

Advertising SpecialistAnalyzes traffic and competitors, thinks over advertising approaches. Adjusts bids, changes and optimizes ads.
Designer and copywriterDraws advertising banners. Creates a visual display of advertising and fights for the user's attention.
MarketerTests hypotheses, helps in optimization. Looking for new points for the growth of advertising companies. Corrects the work of the advertiser and designer.
Back End DeveloperSets up a tracking system, connects services for CRM systems and end-to-end analytics.


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Ganzhaman EvgeniyDirector of the G-tuning company
I trusted more than two years ago and have never regretted it. We are constantly at work. They have already created 2 websites for me, helped with the design of pages in social networks, developed a style, we constantly print promotional products. Now we are working closely on promotion in Google. I recommend!
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Shevchenko RustamDirector of ION SOLAR
We were looking for an agency to advertise on Google. This agency was recommended by a friend. With the guys quickly agreed on the price and timing. We have been working for half a year, everyone is happy. Initially, they came only for advertising, now we are working more closely. In addition to advertising, we have already made a second site, in the process of setting up end-to-end analytics. They do a good job and honestly, I recommend.
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Julia NovikHead of Marketing Department Magr Auto
We thank the marketing agency - PODA AGENCY for the work done. In practice, professionalism in setting up and maintaining GA was shown. The RK was created quickly and within the stated time frame. The results were visible from the first week. I recommend!
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Olga BushayNails Art Beauty Salon Owner
I am satisfied with the development of the site. I really liked the proposed design. All desired nuances are taken into account. Delivered within the stipulated time frame. After that, I repeatedly applied for the necessary current changes.
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Roman SuknitskyDirector of Truck Expert
I've been working with guys for 2 years now. We made a very high quality website and set up advertising in Google. Thanks to their work, he brought a new direction to profit during the year.
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