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Selling cars from the USA
Magr Auto - new and used cars with warrantyThe dealer represents the widest selection of the best European cars of various classes, price categories and functionality with an extended warranty.
task:Increase sales of new cars Ford Kuga, Ford Mondeo, Ford Fiesta. Increase the number of customers in the service center.
initial data:The client had a marketer on staff who had previously launched advertising. The budget was extremely low, and the keywords were only broadly matched by search companies. Youtube and KMS have not been used before.
what we did:1. Development of an advertising strategy Sale of new cars Having studied the company's offer and the specifics of interaction with customers, we decided to place a bet on Youtube and CCM to sell new cars in order to interest a large audience. Search ads mattered less because they could generate significantly less traffic. In order to simplify the first contact with the company, a test drive was advertised as the main offer. Attraction to the service center To attract to the service, on the contrary, the search company looked more promising and the low cost per click of less than 10 cents will allow buying all targeted traffic. 2. Working with audiences For more efficient work, we decided to divide the audience into cold and warm: cold audience People who have not visited the company's website People interested in new cars People who viewed reviews of new Ford cars People interested in buying an apartment Warm Audience: People who visited the site but did not take the desired action People who viewed the targeted information on the site hot audience All people who took the target action or viewed the target information 3. Ad optimization Sale of new cars The high target value of the sale allowed us to increase the volume of traffic in the Search Network, Display Network and Youtube. Applications in the first month we received up to $ 4, but another problem arose. The inability of the client to process applications, they simply got lost and people were not called back. It was also necessary to look for solutions for tracking people not only on the site, but also on the way to the sale itself. Therefore, we automated the client's sales system by connecting telephony and implementing a CRM system, which made it possible to more effectively optimize advertising for the final results. We launched advertising campaigns for used cars with a guarantee from the salon.


165 days
duration of the project
number of applications per period
$ 1,7$
average cost of an application
$ 24000
average revenue per sale

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Ganzhaman EvgeniyDirector of the G-tuning company
I trusted more than two years ago and have never regretted it. We are constantly at work. They have already created 2 websites for me, helped with the design of pages in social networks, developed a style, we constantly print promotional products. Now we are working closely on promotion in Google. I recommend!
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Julia NovikHead of Marketing Department Magr Auto
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Olga BushayNails Art Beauty Salon Owner
I am satisfied with the development of the site. I really liked the proposed design. All desired nuances are taken into account. Delivered within the stipulated time frame. After that, I repeatedly applied for the necessary current changes.
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Roman SuknitskyDirector of Truck Expert
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